True & Daring is Riesling.  Riesling on the Richter scale:  true, intense, and serious. True & Daring was founded on the belief that the winery would stay true to one grape and be daring enough to take on Riesling and only Riesling, as the wine we produce. Our goal is to produce the best Riesling in the world.  So far so good--our tiny corner of New Zealand took Best New Zealand Riesling and a Gold Medal at London's International Wine Challenge in 2010 with our 2007 vintage. Sadly we are almost sold out of the delicious 2007.

Current Vintage & New Release 

We are thrilled to present the 2011, as our current vintage of True & Daring.  The wine tastes off-dry and crisp with classic, complex Riesling aromas and flavors which develop with a bit of bottle ageing. We age our small production wine into Riesling perfection in our cellar so that once you purchase a bottle, you get all the flavor benefits without having to wait. Here is what Wine writer Sam Kim of Wine Orbit had to say about our 2011: "A beautifully maturing riesling, the inviting bouquet shows fragrant aromas of stone fruit, ripe citrus, lemon zest and subtle honey. The palate is beautifully weighted and seamlessly integrated, and delivers layers of gorgeous flavours, backed by fine texture and subtle sweetness. A hugely appealing wine offering wonderful harmony and loads of delicious flavours." Our new release vintage 2013 is the emerging talent - promising much for the future. Here is what Wine writer Sam Kim of Wine Orbit had to say: "The bouquet is instantly appealing with lemon curd, mandarin, honey and spice characters, which lead to a powerfully expressed palate that is delectable and engaging. There's a hint of sweetness as well as firm acidity, making the wine juicy and mouth-watering, and finishes superbly long and satisfying. At its best: now to 2020."

Go ahead. We dare you!

The Grapes

True & Daring Riesling grapes - more precious than emeralds

  Each vintage, we select the very best Riesling grapes from our vineyards. Every member of our dedicated viticultural team understands our mission: to make the best Riesling in the world.       Winemaking the short of it:  True & Daring is cool fermented in stainless steel tanks until the wine is almost dry, followed by 6 months of lees aging for greater freshness and complexity. Bottle aging produces classic, complex secondary Riesling aromas and flavors. For those who crave more of the details, here is the long of it: At the outset of harvset, the juice was divided into 7 tanks for fermentation. A different aromatic yeast was added to each of the tanks for greater complexity in the final blend. Cool fermentation was stopped at a level of residual sugar in balance with the wine’s natural acidity. After fermentation, all the tanks were blended into one wine where it aged on light lees and matured for 6 months with occasional stirring of the lees to help build texture. The wine was not fined and was filtered just prior to bottling. It was then left alone to bottle mature in our cellar for 24 months before release. And if you want to know more, just contact us and listen to it all unfold… Wine and New Zealand

copyrighted and reprinted here -- courtesy of NZ Winegrowers

While we work hard at our vineyard relationships, blessings never hurt either. In New Zealand we have ideal conditions in which to create aromatic white wines.  And, Riesling, a beguiling, aromatic varietal, is getting a lot of attention recently. Riesling has been planted in New Zealand since the 1800s, but it really started to take off in the 1980s. It is one of the most popular whites planted in New Zealand today. Riesling loves the cool, long, sunny growing season in New Zealand. There is plenty of sunshine to ripen the grapes towards deliciously fruity flavors. But all this sunny weather is tempered by cool ocean breezes, and at night, the temperatures drop considerably. This slows ripening and helps keep acidity in the grapes. Acidity is key to creating New Zealand’s refreshing Riesling style.

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  • A lot of things going on in this wine that we did not experience in the others…so layered and intriguing to drink…delicious and will be enjoyed by those lucky enough to taste it.
    Marissa Copeland
    Sommelier, Sho Shaun Hergatt
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