AWS Excitement in Rochester, NY

True & Daring's Riesling was front and center in Rochester, NY earlier this month for the American Wine Society's annual conference.  The conference draws several hundred wine enthusiasts each year for a couple days of tastings and seminars. Wine consumers come from all across the country to further educate their palates and do a bit of networking on the side. Tracy Kamens, head of education at the Society of Wine Educators, presented on a topic near and dear to our hearts:  There's More to New Zealand than Sauvignon Blanc.  We all love NZ's SB, but the near-perfect climate of the country produces many other excellent white wines.  It particulary loves aromatic varietals, and Riesling is one of the top when it comes to aromatics. True & Daring was one of the 8 wines presented at the conference. Great cheers were given to the depth and complexity of True & Daring 2007 at the conference. Look for True & Daring at future events around the country! We sure are having fun getting around.
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  • Loved (the) focus, wonderful flavor. Long, intense finish.
    Tim Gaiser
    Master Sommelier
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