AWS Excitement in Rochester, NY

True & Daring's Riesling was front and center in Rochester, NY earlier this month for the American Wine Society's annual conference.  The conference draws several hundred wine enthusiasts each year for a couple days of tastings and seminars. Wine consumers come from all across the country to further educate their palates and do a bit of networking on the side. Tracy Kamens, head of education at the Society of Wine Educators, presented on a topic near and dear to our hearts:  There's More to New Zealand than Sauvignon Blanc.  We all love NZ's SB, but the near-perfect climate of the country produces many other excellent white wines.  It particulary loves aromatic varietals, and Riesling is one of the top when it comes to aromatics. True & Daring was one of the 8 wines presented at the conference. Great cheers were given to the depth and complexity of True & Daring 2007 at the conference. Look for True & Daring at future events around the country! We sure are having fun getting around.
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  • A lot of things going on in this wine that we did not experience in the others…so layered and intriguing to drink…delicious and will be enjoyed by those lucky enough to taste it.
    Marissa Copeland
    Sommelier, Sho Shaun Hergatt
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